Kiwi Loco deals: Save money on your next fro-yo

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What’s your deal with Kiwi Loco? Kiwi Loco is a frozen yogurt shop located at Hemming Village here in Rexburg. As one of the best fro-yo place in town, they constantly have deals and promotions. Let’s take a look at what some of them are.

Kiwi Loco has some of the best deals in town.Monday

What’s better than spending time at Family Home Evening with family and friends? The answer is, spending time with them over discounted fro-yo. If you go to Kiwi Loco for FHE, your entire group/family will get 25% off. What a deal!

Kiwi Loco has some of the best fro-yo in town!


It’s devotional day for BYU-I, and Kiwi Loco has a killer deal for when it lets out. From 3:00 -4:00 p.m. head to Kiwi Loco to get a 5 oz. cup for only $2. You can only fill it up to 8 oz. for that price, but it’s well worth it! If it’s too cold for fro-yo, try their hot chocolate. They have a buy one hot chocolate get one free deal, and their cocoa is some of the best in town. Even if you aren’t a student on campus you can still take part in this amazing deal.

Every Tuesday, an 8 oz. cup of fro-yo is only $2 from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m.


Who’s trying to work out more this year? Kiwi Loco rewards you for your physical prowess and determination! The actual deal varies from week to week, but the consistent theme is the more you work out, the higher your discount. One of the past Workout Wednesday was push-ups. Each push-up counted for 1% off. So if you do 20 push-ups, you get 20% off. Do 100 push-ups, and you get your Kiwi Loco for free! In the past, there has also been a jump rope deal — the higher you jump, the higher your discount.

Kiwi Loco offers killer deals, like $4 cup days.

$4 cup days

Every so often Kiwi Loco hosts $4 cup days. On these days you can fill up a cup of fro-yo for only $4. This is my kind of deal. On these days, they are always packed. Sometimes the line is out the door! The $4 cup days are announced over social media. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram so you know when to stop in!

In fact, Kiwi Loco has deals all the time that are available exclusively on social media. Go ahead and follow them so you don’t miss out on a stellar deal!