Rexburg on track for 1-inch precipitation day

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This is a guest article submission from local weather enthusiast Lee Warnick. 

We are on our way to a relative rarity in Rexburg — a 1-inch precipitation day. We get one of those perhaps once every five years!

Here’s the problem: When the power went out almost citywide this morning, the airport-base station stopped measuring precipitation for a goodly spell and is way behind what we’ve actually received. The station at my house (Eaglewood Estates on Weather Underground’s Virtual Network if you’d like to monitor it live anytime — or here’s the direct link) had measured 0.90 inches when I sent this (11:15 a.m.).

And there’s no sign of this slowing down in at least the next few hours. That’s because we have a really tight, localized, spinning band of precip centered almost right over us — kinda like a mini-hurricane in its motion. I’ve attached a file with the radar image — it’s really cool to watch in motion. Until this blob moves out, the bands will continue to spin and the rain will continue. There’s little sign of weakening.

In case you’re wondering, the all-time daily record for precipitation is 1.43 inch, set June 13, 2004.