Rexburg Rocks: A declaration and community group

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Looking for something to do this weekend?

Why not go looking for painted rocks?

All you have to do is step out of your front door since these rocks are hidden everywhere around Rexburg! Chances are, you’ve already seen painted rocks scattered around campus, parking lots, apartment complexes, and parks. For something so small, these rocks bring so much joy to students and children alike.

So why not join in on the fun?

Rexburg Rocks is a community group that involves painting and hiding rocks around town.

In fact, a Facebook Group called Rexburg Rocks has been doing this for years. This is where many of the rocks come from: flip a painted rock over and you’ll see their hashtag!

This group was started by Calista Bower, a BYU-I student. She’s originally from Vancouver, Washington, which had their own painted rocks group. After she arrived here, she thought: why not create a rock group in Rexburg? And that’s exactly what she did!

Rexburg’s small size makes this group more fun and personal while serving as a community builder. Come join in on this activity — it’s open for everyone!

Rexburg Rocks is a fun, simple way to bring the community together.

Searching for Rocks

If you want an excuse to walk around outside and enjoy the weather, start a scavenger hunt for them! There aren’t specific places where you will consistently find rocks; the hiding process is completely random. You may find rocks around your apartment complex one day, then later the same day, they’ll have vanished. But if you need a specific place to start searching, rumor has it that Nature Park is filled with painted rocks.

Once you find a rock, you can choose to keep it or re-hide it. The only request this group has is before you decide, take a picture of yourself with the rock and upload it to their Facebook Group.

This way, everyone can see when and where the latest rock was found.

Then off you go! Continue searching for rocks, keep your favorites or re-hide them as you go.

When you participate in Rexburg Rocks, be sure to paint some and hide them around.

Painting Rocks

Are you ready to show off your artistic talent? Join the Rexburg Rocks community by painting and hiding your own! This makes for a good roommate or FHE activity.

First, start with smaller, flat rocks, about the size of a post-it note. Before you begin, soak and scrub the rock to remove excess dirt; you’d best do this outside to avoid clogging your drain.

After the rock is completely dry, grab some acrylic paint, then let your imagination go wild!

(For those with no artistic ability, don’t worry. It’s a rock. It won’t judge.)

To become a true “Rexburg Rock” enthusiast, add their label to the underside of the rock. Write “Rexburg Rocks on FB” or simply the hashtag “#RexburgRocks.”

As you get ready to hide them around town, keep in mind these rules:

  • Do not hide them in the grass, as this can damage lawn mowers or trip people.
  • Do not hide them close to roads or the water. Consider children who may look for these rocks.
  • Do not leave rocks in State and National Parks.
  • Use common sense.

Join the Facebook Group to see how many people find your rocks and the new places people hide them.

Happy hunting!