SodaVine vs. Great Scott’s: What’s your drink choice?

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If you live in Rexburg there is a huge chance that you have at least heard of SodaVine and Great Scott’s. If you are a  student there is a chance that you’ve been to both. Both college and high school students thrive off drinks to keep them going. And both places have specialty drinks they call their own. So what is the difference between SodaVine and Great Scott’s? And which do you prefer?

2 broke girls at Soda Vine


  • SodaVine has specialty sodas (with fun names), gelato, custard, malts and more! If you need a drink of any kind, chances are they have it.
  • The location has a drive-thru and sit-down area.
  • Retro feel with records, black and white tile and more. It has such a fun feel to it and is a great place to go with friends or a date!
  • In addition to the wonderful drinks, they have a variety of treats that would go perfectly with your drink. Some of the treats include soft pretzels, cookies, nachos, and popcorn.
  • They have 32 SodaVine classics but you can make your own with their soda and flavorings.

The Redneck Sup bar at Great Scott's.

Great Scott’s

  • Great Scott’s has more than just drinks! It’s located at a gas station and includes a movie rental location that has the new releases as well as some old ones you can’t find anywhere else!
  • Home of the Redneck Sup and Moonshine Drink. The difference between these drinks is the boost of energy from the energy drink that you find in the Moonshine. The Redneck Sup includes soda, cream, and flavorings.
  • They have two locations! Two is always better than one especially since they are on opposites sides of town so there’s always one close by.
  • One of the Great Scott’s locations has a drive-thru!
  • They have 25 Redneck sup classics ready for you to order. Don’t see something you like? Build your own!
  • In addition to the Redneck sup classics, they have 12 Moonshine classics! Just like the Redneck sup you can create your own Moonshine drink as well.

So do you prefer Great Scott’s or SodaVine? Or are you a fan of both? They each have their own signature drinks, style, and extras that make each unique. Is one really better than the other? Let us know!