Weekend Roundup

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Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! Every week we’ll share different and fun things to do throughout the upcoming weekend. Finding things to do every weekend can be difficult. Let us do the work for you! Here are four fun events that are happening this weekend:

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Thursday Night Football: Bills Vs. Jets


Are you a Bills or Jets fan? Come cheer your team to victory this Thursday at 6:25 PM at The Willows at Hemming Village 4th floor lounge. Did we mention they will be providing FREE pizza during the game! What more can you ask for?


Date & Time: November 2nd @ 6:25 P.M.
Location: The Willows 4th Floor Lounge

Want to learn more? Check out their Facebook page.

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Latin Dance Carnaval

Are you ready to shake your hips? Come to Brigham Young University – Idaho’s Latin Dance Carnaval. With refreshments, games, dance competitions and a special performance, what are you waiting for? Instruction begins at 8 P.M. and dance starts at 9 P.M.

Date & Time: November 3rd @ 8 P.M.
Location: Brigham Young University -Idaho Hart Building

For more details about the carnaval see their Facebook event

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Free Clothing Swap

Come enjoy a completely FREE clothing swap on Saturday November 11th, in The Willows 4th floor lounge. This is the perfect way to refresh your closet and clean it out for Winter.

Date & Time: November 11th @ 1 P.M.
Location: The Willows at Hemming Village

For more information about this event, see their Facebook event.