Bobcat Beat: Waiting for Spud Week

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This article was written by Cole Johnston and Brynn Castillow for the Bobcat Beat and has been used with permission.

Madison Schools, starting September 29th will start spud harvest until October 8th. The break is called Spud Harvest because farmers are harvesting their potatoes. Students enjoy the break from school.


“I work a total of 160 hours for the whole job but it’s around 14 hours a day,” Junior Mccall Dewey said.

Dewey is working spuds for a farmer over Spud Harvest. A normal day for work would start at  8 AM and end around 10 PM. Sometimes Dewey wouldn’t get off till 1:30 AM. Last year, Dewey got paid minimum wage by working in the pit.

“I will work at Bear World. I’m in the gift shop there,” Junior Henry Fye said.

Fye is working at Bear World in the gift shop. He gets to do many things including feeding the bear cubs with bottles.

“I’ll also be staying at home sleeping in. I want summer to start. I’m already super overwhelmed and we are only halfway through the trimester,” Fye said.

Fye is ready for school to be over while others are taking a big break from school.

“I’m going to Hawaii over Spud Harvest with my parents and Braxton,” Senior Layton Dameron.

For Dameron’s senior trip, he’s going to Hawaii for 6 days. They have been planning it for a little while. They just want to get away. He’s going to shred up the waves and check out the fishes.

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