Decorate creatively with these DIY wreath ideas

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The time for Christmas decorating is upon us, which means you need to get those creative juices flowing. And that includes upping your wreath game. Sure, you can get lots of attractive wreaths at the store, but why not get crafty? How about this year, you come up with your own DIY wreath ideas?

Wreaths are one of the most traditional holiday decorations. And whether you hang yours on your door outside or inside, on the mirror, or just on any plain wall, it’s time to get creative at home. So here is a list of some DIY wreath ideas to get you started.

Berry Galore Wreath

Using a foam wreath and red faux berry stems, create a wreath of all berries. Attach twine on the back to hang. This idea is simple and it also makes a perfect festive wreath for your front door.

Cozy Flannel Wreath

Who doesn’t love flannels? You can use ribbon or any fabric for the “flannel” part. Then all you have to do is wrap plaid ribbon or fabric around a foam wreath, and add some accents of greenery and pinecone. And just like that, you’ve just created a cozy flannel wreath.

Ornament Wreath

This wreath can be made with any base wreath you can find, foam, twine, wood, anything. Use a hot glue gun to stick as many ornaments as you want together. You can get creative with a colorful pattern, or stick to one color but different textures! Hang with a bow of ribbon at the top.

Christmas Card Holder Wreath

This is probably one of the most clever inventions ever. Glue dark green clothespins facing outward to make a circular wreath shape. Use these pins to hold the plenty of Christmas cards you get in the mail! Hang with a red ribbon in your kitchen or living room to see your friends and family on the wall during the holidays.

Pinecone Everything

Don’t underestimate the power of pinecones. They not only have aesthetic, but they also emit a great scent! Go to a park with trees to gather up the perfect pinecones for your wreath, then glue them on to create a wreath. Place a bow at the top or bottom and hang indoors for a natural fragrance.

Modern Wreath

Looking for something different to hang in your home? Wrap a hula hoop in twine, and add some greenery to cover a third of the hoop. You can leave it simple and elegant, or add more decor like the initial of your last name, flowers, or bows.

Other decorations for the wreath can include gift bows, peppermint candies, yarn, and colorful Christmas light bulbs. There are so many ways to create your perfect unique holiday wreath, you’ll have a hard time choosing which one to make!

So whether you’re decorating your apartment or just having fun with crafts, be sure to put these and other DIY wreath ideas to the test.