East Idaho Renaissance Faire debuts in Rexburg

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Sometimes a break from school or the work week isn’t enough. Often, what you need is a total disconnect from the woes of modern life.

What you need is a return of the East Idaho Renaissance Faire. Fear not, world-weary lads and lasses. This and next weekend, that’s exactly what you will get.

Here ye, here ye — the Faire returns.

Come one, come all

If you have ever been to the East Idaho (or any) Renaissance Faire, you’ll know that these events aren’t for the faint of heart. This is the perfect place to let our your inner knight, maiden, or jester.

People flock from all over the area in their homemade frocks and chainmail to participate. There is food, drink, shows, and an overall merry time for all. 

This year, the East Idaho Renaissance Faire will be held at The Kennedy Ranch. Directions are available on the website to this beautiful and amazing location.

The Faire

There you will find a host of ren-faire activities. For the younger lords and ladies ages 2-10, Ye Olde Bouncy Castle offers free, unlimited bouncing. Children 8-12 can practice their handiwork at the craft workshops, and maybe even discover promising careers in metallurgy!

Of course, there is much to do for the whole clan. Catch a show at the William Shakespeare Performance Stage. Interact with the roaming street performers, who are sure to teach you medieval dances.

And don’t miss the main event: a Tournament of Champions, wherein armor-clad knights go up against each other in a series of feats in order to win the hand of the Faire Princess.

All the while, you will enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded people recreating a mythical past. Food vendors and period-specific craftspeople sell their wares. Costumes are encouraged but not required, and certainly make for a more fun time!

A Family Event

Tickets are $8 for adults 12 and up, and $6 for children ages 4-12. You can purchase them on the website to save $2 at the door. Otherwise, they are available when you get there.

Maybe your busy 21st-century life doesn’t allow you to go this weekend. Fear not. The festivities take place both this and next weekend, July 21-22 and July 28-29. Go on the day that best accommodates you, or, go each day. The Faire is scientifically proven to get better with each attendance.

Whether you come as a character of lore, of your own invention, or just as yourself, the East Idaho Renaissance Faire is a family-friendly event that combines the neighborliness of Rexburg with the adventure of olden days.

We will see you thither!