Hallmark Christmas movies to keep you warm this year

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If you are staying in Rexburg during the holidays — or if you are at all sentimental — than nothing beats staying in with a nice array of Hallmark Christmas movies. In fact, the Hallmark channel during Christmastime is arguably one of the best parts about the season.

With white picket fences and perfect smiles in every scene, the Hallmark channel knows what’s up. Hallmark releases new Christmas movies with similar story lines every year, and they are fantastic. They always take place in that cute, small town, holiday village type, with a warm and cozy hometown feeling. In some ways, just like Rexburg. These Hallmark Christmas movies are very easy to watch, always predictable, and just straight up cheesy. Here are my top favorite Hallmark Christmas movies.

A Royal Christmas

Royal for sure. A charming prince of a small country is living a normal life in the states until he encounters love at first sight. He brings his love home for the holidays with the hopes of turning his Miss into his Mrs., only to be faced with the complications of taking over the crown.

A Christmas Detour

Two travelers (who just so happen to be, respectively, a recent heartbreak and a current fiance) are stuck in an airport hotel due to an untimely snowstorm. After facing internal complications they both realize [spoiler alert!] the love they have for each other. A detour that will last a lifetime.

Mrs. Miracle

This might be the cutest of them all. A single dad of young twin boys is in need of a housekeeper and nanny, just around the holidays. Mrs. Miracle moves in and proves to be more than just a nanny. She helps the single dad find love again with the friend of his son’s first grade teacher.

A Gift to Remember

After crashing her bike into a nicely dressed man walking his dog, Darcy is found watching over this unconscious man in the hospital. As she learns more about him she creates a fantasy, thinking they’re a perfect match. When he wakes up, she finds that although the fantasy was all wrong, reality might be better than what she had in mind.

A Bride for Christmas

A handsome single bachelor bets his friends he can get a woman to marry him by Christmas. Can you guess what happens? He finds a woman, only to realize he is actually falling in love with her. What a classic.

If you like movies with warm and fuzzy holiday feelings, then these flicks are for you. This is the season to enjoy watching cheesy romance films that have predictable, happy endings.

What are your favorite Hallmark Christmas movies?