BYU-I IBC Companies: Winter 2018 Edition

2 min


Have you guys been around campus lately? IBC companies have officially launched and there is some sweet stuff flying around.

Patch Co. is one of the IBC Companies this semester.

Patch Co.

Patch Co. is a custom hat company that provides stylish hats and custom patches. My personal favorite is an American flag patch with Ron Swanson’s face in the middle of it. Can you get any more American? I submit that you cannot.

If you’re a fan, stop by their booth in the Manwaring Center and pick up a dope new dad hat and custom patch.

Bee's Knees is one of the IBC companies this semester.

Bee’s Knees

Besides being a groovy term used back in the day, Bee’s Knees in Rexburg is an all-natural hand lotion company set out to cover every hand within sight with some of the smoothest, silkiest, moisturizer around. So please stop by for your sake, and that of your significant other, and replenish that dry skin.

Sawtooth Supply Co. is another of the IBC companies this semester.

Sawtooth Supply

Sawtooth supply company is located right next to Patch Co. and they design cool travel bags made of recycled material. So if you’re about saving the planet, stop by and pick up a durable new duffle bag.

Date Box is one of the IBC companies this semester.

Date Box

Date Box is bringing new date ideas to Rexburg in a unique and fun way. We all know Rexburg is great, but you can run out of date ideas pretty quick, especially in the winter. Date Box contains the solution to all your dating problems.

It is essentially a starter kit to kick off an awesome date. First dates will no longer have to be awkward dinners at Applebee’s — now you can choose from a variety of super cool date ideas. You can lock down that special lady or fella with one of Date Box’s sweet ideas.

Valentine’s Day has already passed but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat your person right. Come on by and pick up an item from one of these awesome IBC companies as a gift or for yourself. Better be quick — they’re only around for the semester!