How to overcome the dry air of Rexburg

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Do you love the crisp and brisk days, but don’t love what they do to your skin? Living in Rexburg may be a bit of a climate change shock for you, compared to what you and your skin are used to from back home.

Having come from Arizona and the coast of California, I can feel the difference between dry and damp air. Rexburg’s frigid dry air can affect your face, skin, lips, and scalp, but have no fear. A few changes in your normal skincare regimen can decrease the side effects of the cold dry temperatures.

Add extra moisture with lotion or cream

Whether you’re walking to class or hitting the slopes, you can protect your skin from the frigid air. Dryness and flaking can occur if your skin lacks moisture and oils. Try switching your face wash from a foamy cleanser to a creamy cleanser while in dry climates. The snow reflects sunlight and higher altitudes translate to more UV exposure. This means we need to use SPF just like we would if we were at the lake or beach.


Drink water throughout the day

Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to keep moisture locked in. This will help with your dry skin, scalp, and chapped lips. Aquaphor and Vaseline are both affordable products to infuse moisture and help prevent windburn (which you probably know is super real in Rexburg). In addition to drinking water, another way to prevent a dry and flaky scalp is to use tea tree oil.



The cold temperatures outside mean there will be warm heaters inside, which is extra dry air that draws moisture out of your skin. Humidifiers are a great way to add that extra moisture back in your home.

One DIY idea to put your own spin on a humidifier (if you don’t already have one or want to purchase one) is to steam your face. This may sound strange, but it works. Boil water in a pot and lean your face above it. Put a towel over your face and stand there for a few minutes. This acts as a self-diffuser. It will steam your skin and bring on the moisture.

The important thing to remember is to change your skincare regimen when you change climates. Whether you’re from Florida or New Mexico, you can overcome the cold, dry air in Rexburg. Follow these tips and you’ll enjoy a flake-free fall and winter.