Have you gotten road trip snacks for spring break yet?

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Spring break is just a few days away! Make sure that when you leave town, you have the essentials for your road trip: your clothes, wallet, shoes, and, of course, snacks!

Road trip snacks are probably the best part about driving for a long period of time. I guess music and a buddy are good too, but the available snacks can make or break a road trip. There are several great places in Rexburg to get some cheap and delicious snacks, from any gas station to grocery stores like Broulim’s or Walmart.

Chips are good road trip snacks.

If you are a salty person, then go for a bag of chips — I prefer Hickory BBQ Lays, but you do you when it comes to the chip choosing. If there are more than one of you in the car, I suggest getting your own individual bags. Nobody wants to share the chips because the bags jip you — they’re never really full. So, save the fighting for later and buy your own bag! If you’re not a chip eater, maybe you’d like trail mix or pretzels instead.

Sweet candy can be good road trip snacks.

If you like the sweet stuff, my favorite go-to is the SourStraw Bites. They provide the perfect size snack if you eat like a dainty girl. But they also satisfy a person with a hearty appetite because they fit a lot of those bites inside the bag!

Other yummy sweets are chocolates (be careful not to leave them in the car too long, they’ll melt for sure!), Jolly Ranchers and Sweet Tart Mini Chewys.

Sunflower seeds are great road trip snacks.

Maybe you aren’t really an eater on road trips, but instead just need something to keep you awake. Sunflower seeds are the best for that. My personal favorite is the Spitz Dill Pickle flavor! It sounds gross, but they are strangely addicting.

And to wash it all down, go for the drink that fits you best. Just be sure to not drink it too fast. Nobody likes the person who makes them stop every hour because they guzzled their 44-ouncer if you know what I mean!

Above all, remember to choose your road trip snacks wisely before you leave. They can really set the tone for the hours you’ll spend in the car. Now, enjoy your vacation and be safe!

Did a study buddy get you through finals? Show your appreciation by supplying him or her with their own road trip snacks!