The Dealio supports local business, fosters community

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What’s The Dealio?

The Dealio has always aimed to be one of the sparks that ignite people to support local businesses in the communities where they reside. The company was created in 2011 by Doug Webster and Brady Gardner. They saw a need for something similar unto Groupon that they could offer in a small community like Rexburg, Idaho.

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The Daily Deal

The Dealio wanted to be much more than a coupon/deal service. At the very core of what The Dealio stands for is one word: community.

As they describe the business you’ll often hear explanations like the following:

  • The Dealio is set on finding you the best deals available in your city. Every day we feature a great deal for a local restaurant as well as some retail deals. You’ll want to check back often to make sure that you don’t miss a thing. We love supporting local businesses, but most of all, we love a good deal!
  • We don’t bother with coupons, printers, or credit cards—we just have easy-to-find deals. If you like it, go into the business and say, “I want the Dealio!”
  • It’s designed for indecisive eaters, adventurous eaters, and penny-pinchers. If it takes you over 30 minutes to decide where to eat each day, The Dealio is a great productivity booster for you. Your city also has so many undiscovered gems. Let The Dealio help you try places you might not try normally. And lastly, are you always eating the same cheap lunch to save a buck? Treat yourself to something new, and know you’re getting a bargain.

Door to The Dealio

One Word: Community

While all of the above is true, there’s still one driving force behind it all. Community. While The Dealio is a business and needs revenue to survive, profits don’t come before people. If they feel like they’re not boosting community involvement and support of local businesses, then they reevaluate their approach.

“We love the communities we live and work in,” says Gardner. “We really want to do everything we can to generate support for the local businesses the people might not know about.”

The company is really big on community involvement. Often times they’ll promote events for little to no cost. They find ways to go out and serve in the community as well as hosting some free events themselves to help folks take notice of all the overlooked gems in the area.

“In a way, The Dealio is one of the ways we can say ‘thank you’ to the community that supports us,” says Doug Webster. “We owe a lot to the support we receive and want to provide a service that can help other local businesses.”

Marketing arm of The Dealio

The Marketing Arm

The other side of The Dealio is the comprehensive marketing and advertising agency side. One might call it the revenue-generating side. Most of the company’s revenue comes from their work as marketers. With two offices, over 20 employees and interns, and a long list of local clients they stay plenty busy.

“Most people know of The Dealio through our daily deal service,” says Matt Urick, an employee at The Dealio. “However, very few actually know that we are a full-service marketing agency. We pride ourselves on being able to help people find local businesses online.”

Their long list of services includes web design & development, Google advertising, graphic design, social media advertising, SEO, email marketing, and much more. They employ a large team of talented individuals who are skilled and who continue to hone their craft.

However, at the root of it all is that word: community.

“We recognize that we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the support of our city, our clients, our employees, and our families,” said Gardner. We think we’re very lucky to make a career out of something we enjoy doing and something that helps to continue the conversation of supporting local companies.”

“Supporting local and shopping small shouldn’t be something we do for just one month or day of the year,” says Webster. “We should always be thinking about how we can help our city and community grow and thrive.”

Learn More

You can follow The Dealio on a variety of platforms including their app, Facebook, Instagram, and their website. You can also learn more about the marketing and advertising side of the company at

The Dealio has locations in Rexburg, Idaho Falls, and Logan, Utah.

If you’d like more information concerning The Dealio, feel free to contact them via their website or call or email them: 208-473-2015 /