Social Distancing at the Movies with Teton-Vu

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Movie-Goers Unite

After over a year of closures and stay at home orders, most people are stoked to get back to normal, especially at the movies. But, social distancing at the movies isn’t so easy. New movies hit theatres every weekend through Christmas and it definitely feels like it’s time to get off the couch! However, heading to your local theatre may not be the best option.

Since July national daily cases of Covid-19 have risen dramatically. According to the CDC national cases of Covid-19 are on the decline, however they still caution following strict social distancing guidelines until further notice. While many of us may want to rush to a theatre, putting peoples’ health at risk is too high a cost. Luckily for residents of Rexburg, the Teton Vu drive-in theatre provides the perfect alternative. 

Our Local Drive-in, Teton-Vu

Movie pass at Teton Vu Drive-In

The Teton Vu is one of the few remaining drive-in theatres around. Located on W Highway 33, Teton Vu provides a nostalgic way to view movies. The drive-in opened in 1955 and runs from March thru October. For the last couple of years the outdoor theatre has been a popular spot for dates and one of the best things to do in the Fall. But post-pandemic, the theatre is the best place for movie-goers to social distance while enjoying the best fall blockbuster!

In fact, while many theatres closed their doors due to the pandemic, the Teton Vu kept running business as usual. By keeping strict social distancing guidelines and selling tickets online the drive-in thrived during the pandemic. Even without releases of new films, the Teton Vu was able to remain open through showings of classic films.

The Problem

Imagine yourself in line to see a movie. People surge forward through the open doors. A wave of excitement hits the crowd and the chatter dies down as the lights start to dim. You turn your attention to the screen and crack a wide smile. But suddenly the guy next to you starts to cough. 

At first you don’t notice, but he doesn’t stop. You can’t enjoy this movie anymore, you’re not paying attention. Venom could have teamed up with Spider-Man to beat Carnage, but you could care less! You’re trapped in a petri dish with this guy! Have fun missing class for the next two weeks.

Social Distance Solution

Now, think of the alternative. You’re in your car, decked out with every blanket available, a huge bucket of popcorn on your lap. On your way to see not one, but two movies! Its easy for you to social distance because you’re in your own car surrounded by the people you brought with you. Seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?

The best is yet to come, Teton Vu only charges $8.00 for admission and allows you to bring in outside food for a small fee. Sadly the theatre closes at the end of October (Those Rexburg winters are just a little too much). But over the next few weeks Teton Vu provides a safe escape for movie-goers until local cases of covid-19 begin to stabilize.

Check the Teton Vu’s website or Facebook page for more information on showtimes and movies.