You know you live in Rexburg when…

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Rexburg. Beautiful, fun, stereotypical Rexburg.

The place where potato farms surround the town and businesses thrive off college students. Where you’ll find some of the most beautiful scenic views of mountains, rivers, forests, and lakes.

Rexburg can be pretty funny when you think about what makes this special town so unique. If you live in Rexburg, you are probably guilty of at least one (but most likely more) of these things. Here is a list of stereotypes that you have probably seen or done while living in Rexburg.

You know you live in Rexburg when…

 Too many guys are growing the creeper mustache

 The midnight showing is at 9

 Your professor is in your bishopric

 It’s -20 degrees but you still have class

 You meet someone and 2 weeks later they are engaged—BYU-I do?

 A first date is at FatCats

 You go to restaurants for the FHE special

You’ve hammock-ed at Porter Park

You’ve rented a puppy

You have taken a weekend trip to Utah

Driving 10 minutes is too far

You’ve illegally thrown a snowball

You’ve swiped on mutual

The big night out is in Idaho Falls

You’re an hour away from some of the best skiing in the world but you can’t go because, no car

Walmart is not 24 hours

Your grade is highly attendance-based

You can get fined for texting while walking through a crosswalk

You’ve been to a “McMidnight”

Random people will invite you over for cookies and games

You start counting the strollers on campus

It’s normal to see a proposal in the garden

Everyone and their dog is a wedding photographer

Basically, Rexburg is like the perfect little town in a Christmas Hallmark movie. See if you can notice these stereotypes next time you think about where you live. We love you, Rexburg