8 restaurants that offer gluten-free items in Rexburg

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There is an endless number of food items that potentially contain gluten, sometimes in unexpected ways. For those with celiac disease — a serious autoimmune disorder where the ingestion of gluten leads to damage in the small intestine — having safe, gluten-free places to eat can mean the difference between life and death.

The good news is that Rexburg has a number of tasty options for individuals with celiac disease, or for those who simply want to make a change in their gluten consumption habits. With the help of community members, we culminated a list of locations where individuals with gluten-intolerance trust to eat out.

Costa Vida is a good gluten-free option

Chain Restaurants

Pizza Pie Café –

Pizza Pie Café is a popular pizza buffet-style restaurant and hangout. They also take requests and will create specialty, gluten-free pizzas for anyone who requests one. Simply call ahead and let them know your situation and they will be happy to accommodate. Their salad bar is also a tasty, healthy, gluten-free alternative.

Wendy’s –

Using their Living Without Gluten guide, you can easily accommodate Wendy’s signature menu to your gluten-free lifestyle. Wendy’s simple, fresh ingredients can easily be altered for a gluten-free fast food meal, from salads to desserts, sides and regular menu items.

Domino’s Pizza –

The largest pizza chain worldwide and in the United States provides gluten-free options for its customers. According to their corporate website, “Domino’s Gluten Free Crust pizza was created to accommodate pizza fans who have a sensitivity to gluten. Though the Gluten Free Crust is made without wheat, it’s just as delicious as any other Domino’s pizza crust.”

Costa Vida / Café Rio –

The eternal debate between which of these two popular Mexican grill hot-spots is better may never be solved, but individuals looking for gluten-free options can trust either chain to provide regular menu items without gluten. However, their flour and wheat tortillas both contain high amounts of gluten, and items containing corn (like tortilla chips) may also contain small amounts of gluten.

Fresco's is a great option for gluten-free food

Local Restaurants

The Singing Waffle –

One of the newest places in town, this karaoke nightclub specializes in two things, both found within the name of the business: waffles and singing. Although their normal waffles absolutely contain gluten, ordering a specialty gluten-free waffle is an easy way around the issue. And of course, singing doesn’t normally contain gluten, but no promises.

The Taco Bus –

This unmistakable Rexburg staple is a family-owned-and-run business that provides authentic Mexican food at an affordable price. Happy to accommodate any customer, the various menu items are adaptable for individuals wishing for a taste of Mexico, “sin gluten.”

Fresco Kitchen & Grill –

From the handful of gluten-intolerant individuals who contributed their favorite places to eat, Fresco’s was the most common suggestion. The wide variety of salad options and interchangeable ingredients makes it clear why Fresco’s is a gluten-free favorite.

Dong’s Sushi –

With some minor alterations, sushi is generally an excellent option for gluten-free dieting. Rice, fish and vegetables contain simple, natural, gluten-free ingredients. But remember that soy sauce, deep fried fish, teriyaki and many other popular sea-food ingredients contain wheat and gluten. Carefully communicating with your server will help narrow your options for an enjoyable gluten-free meal.

Unfortunately, picking apart ingredients within a restaurant’s normal menu items is not fun or convenient while enjoying a meal. But thankfully, restaurants are making it easier to find and order meals without gluten. Hopefully, our list provides some new alternatives to anyone on the search for new places to try.