Art Grows Rexburg adult art competition & exhibit kicks off

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Between the incoming students and the local residents, Rexburg has seen some amazing talent over the years. And since 2013, local visual artists have been able to display their work at Hemming Village as part of Rexburg’s annual summerfest.

Art Grows Rexburg, a non-profit arts organization, began at the hands of Alice and Val Hemming. Each year, AGR puts on the Adult Art Competition & Exhibit as part of an initiative to encourage local talent and allow artists to visually display their art.


According to the AGR website, “Underpinning the art show is the idea that art enriches the cultural life of any community, and that visual artists need public venues to display their work.”

Student, amateur, and professional artists are welcome to submit up to two entries to the competition. The submission deadline expired on June 29, but the awards ceremony will be tonight July 5 from 6pm to 7pm. All entries will then be on display at the exhibit from July 7-21.

July 5 – Awards Ceremony

After a keynote speaking presentation, the awards for each skill and age group will be presented:

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“Little One.” One of the professional entries in the art competition and exhibit.

Student and amateur

1st place – $250

2nd place – $175

3rd place – $100

$50 will be given as a merit award.


1st place – $1,000

2nd place – $750

3rd – $500

$100 will be given as a merit award.

The Adult Art Exhibit

Though the art award ceremony will occur at the onset of the exhibit runtime, all qualified entries will be on display from July 7 through July 21, Monday through Saturday from 9am – 9pm.

The awards ceremony and exhibit will kick off tonight with keynote speaker and artist J. Kirk Richards. Richards is a contemporary artist whose visual work has featured in many spheres, including the BYU Museum of Art, Jeffrey R. Holland’s book Broken Things to Mend, as well as BYU Studies Magazine, Liahona, Ensign, and Upper Room publications.

Over the past couple years, many local artists have come out to display their talent and this year AGR has once again received many entries. The exhibit will display a wide variety of styles and themes.

This is an incredible opportunity to see everything our talented community has to offer artistically. For like-minded artists and non-artists alike to come together as a community to support the cause of the arts.

Come by The Atrium at Hemming Village from July 7 – 21 to participate in this cultural event. You will see how “Rexburg is where art grows.”