Blue Bison Apparel provides sense of home

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Have you ever had an idea for a business that you thought was simply amazing? Something that would take Rexburg by storm and turn you into a successful entrepreneur? BYU-Idaho student Sulli Callis has. And that is where Blue Bison came from.

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The beginnings of Blue Bison

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Blue Bison is a line of apparel currently based in Rexburg with, according to the website, “a mission to create a lifestyle brand unique to the outdoors lifestyle.”


Callis originally began the business in Boise while on his off-track. This was born out of a lifelong desire to own his own business.

“A couple years ago, I was working somewhere and I was tired of having someone else telling me what to do,” says Callis. “I’ve always been interested in design and clothing, and so I started brainstorming brand names, designs, logos, stuff like that.”

After conducting surveys and other research, Callis began the process of making shirts. He told himself that when he broke even, he would start taking it seriously.

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“Then it started taking off,” he reflects. “Those few months were the experimental months. And once it started taking off, I had to go back to school. So I took it with me here.”

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Blue Bison Apparel

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The designs on the apparel reflect the geographical area surrounding us. For example, you may have seen the “dad hat” with the outline of the Teton mountain range on it. Sulli Callis refers to this as his best-selling product.

In addition to the hat, Blue Bison sells a variety of apparel and accessories. Short and long sleeve tees, hoodies, windbreakers, and even hammocks are available through Blue Bison. These are available in both men’s and women’s sizes and styles, though Callis says he tends to stick more to a unisex format.

“The biggest challenge has been finding the right trends,” he says. “A lot of styles, especially for women’s shirts, come and go. Now I’ve just been doing a unisex style, and it’s been so much better for me.”

You haven’t heard of Blue Bison Apparel for nothing; the line of clothing has done quite well for Callis in the Rexburg area.

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“I was going for the college age demographic,” says Callis, himself a student. “I have a lot of different markets I sell at — Rexburg, Idaho Falls, Jackson Hole, sometimes Rigby — but in Rexburg I get the most business because of how many college students pass through.”

Callis has been involved with the Rexburg Farmer’s Market, the Northpointe Rooftop parties, Burgfest, the Independence Day Celebration in Porter Park, and will have a booth at the Eclipse festivities this August.

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Bringing a sense of home

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The outdoors style and incredible designs of Blue Bison Apparel is only part of the allure. The clothing is extremely comfortable and practical. But it also allows you to feel a connectedness with this beautiful area.

“Our unique designs bring a sense of home to the lives of the people of Rexburg,” says founder Sulli Callis.

Callis says the next step is optimizing the website and expanding the market to other big college towns, such as Provo, Logan, and Boise.

Find Blue Bison on Facebook and Instagram, and shop a variety of items on the website. For a truly Rexburg experience, wear Blue Bison Apparel.