Explore Rexburg eclipse glasses for sale

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The eclipse will be a once in a lifetime event to behold, but you’ll want to make sure you see it with the proper eyewear!

Throw these bad boys on and you’ll be able to stare right at the sun. You’ll only see it as a pale, yellow dot in a dark sky. They filter out 100% of both harmful ultraviolet and infrared light. Only the most intense visible light (i.e. the sun) will be comfortably visible while wearing the glasses. You can pick these special Explore Rexburg brand eclipse glasses up from The Dealio and Freeman Clothing. If you need to get them for the whole family, you can pick them up for $1.50 a piece for orders of four or more. Normal pricing for these is a mere $1.75. Just enter the coupon code GROUP when you order four or more and it will take the price right down for you.

A total solar eclipse such as this one has not been visible from the United States since 1979. Allow for your eyes to see it by obtaining the proper glasses!