Warnick Weather Flash: Lots & Lots of Snow

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The following is a guest post from local weather enthusiast Lee Warnick.

The NWS has just issued a Winter Storm Watch for Friday evening through Saturday evening. That points us toward an upper-end winter storm, and predictions call for 3-7 inches of wind-blown snow by Saturday night. My guess is we’ll be on the upper end of this. Watch the Friday morning forecast– if this moves to a Winter Storm Warning, that’s the kind of event that largely shuts things down.

But wait, there’s more! Quoting the NWS: “This is just the first in a parade of winter storms.”

By the time the snowdrifts settle, we could see three or four more distinct storms by the middle of next week. And this is something I haven’t seen very often from these fine scientists.

“If this impressive series of storms stay as forecasted, snow removal resources and operations will be pushed to their limits for a consistent four-day period.”

Might be time to consider a winter vacation here in southeast Idaho.

Warnick Weather Flash Snow