KLW Studios sells yarn hangings for your space

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If you have been on Pinterest lately, chances are you’ve seen a yarn hanging, even if you don’t remember. Yarn hangings are the latest trend and luckily someone in Rexburg is selling these cuties! KLW Studios sells all sorts of yarn hangings. She has everything from mini hangings to ones that make a great headboard.

Yarn Hangings by KLW Studios

What is a yarn hanging?

I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking. But basically, it is yarn arranged to look cute as wall decor. It adds texture and can really help fill up an empty spot on your wall. They look super cute above cribs, beds, couches, or even as part of a gallery wall. There are lots of different styles of yarn hangings as well. So no matter your style, you should be able to find something you like.

Yarn Hangings by KLW Studios

KLW Studios

KLW Studios started out as a hobby. After getting requests from several people Kelly decided to start selling them, hence KLW Studios! She’s been doing it for just a few months now. Kelly has done yarn hangings in all different colors and styles. Right now you can see and purchase them on the KLW Studios Instagram. She ships for free and best yet, her pricing is super affordable! And yes, she does customs. So if you don’t see something you love but you know you want one, just send her a message, and she can custom make one for you.

KLW Studios

Want to see her work?

Follow her on Instagram – @klwstudios

(You can purchase hangings on her Instagram as well!)