Summer adventure at The Cable Factory

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Summer temperatures are now consistently in the high nineties. So you may be desperate to find fun and exciting ways to cool off. If this is the case, your first course of action should be head over to our “Things To Do” section; there’s no shortage of great ideas for local fun there. Secondly, you should definitely check out The Cable Factory wakeboarding park.


Located on the west side of highway 20, just before Exit 332 into South Rexburg, The Cable Factory is only a short drive from Rexburg and its surrounding areas. The attraction is on Wakeside Lake, along with a popular RV park. Whether you’re looking to spend an entire day on the water, or just have a couple of free hours in the afternoon, The Cable Factory is close enough to be ideal in either situation.

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Cable wakeboarding is different than traditional wakeboarding. Rather than being pulled by a boat, the participant is pulled by an electrically driven cable back and forth between towers on either side of the lake. The Cable Factory is the only cable park in all of Idaho, so it attracts both beginner and advanced wakeboarders from all over. So, whether you’ve never gotten up on a wakeboard, or you think you’re ready to try jumping and grinding snowboard-style, the cable park is a great place to give it a shot.

Aside from wakeboarding, there are other activities to do on the lake. Kids and adults alike can enjoy the sandy waterfront access, and those who choose to can roam the water by way of paddleboards, which are available for rent daily. Feel free to bring your own paddleboard or flotation device as well.

Enjoy fishing? They’ve got that too! The lake is home to plenty of large and smallmouth bass, along with some trout, so don’t forget to bring your fishing pole and tacklebox.

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Pricing Information

Here are some of the costs you can expect depending on what you decide to do with your time at The Cable Factory:

Entrance fee: $5 per car

Paddleboard rental: $5/hour

Wakeboard, helmet and lifejacket rental: $15

2-hour wakeboarding pass: $20

4-hour wakeboarding pass: $30

All-day wakeboarding pass: $40

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Don’t let the heat get the best of you. Beat the heat and check out The Cable Factory today!