Help Save The Greatest Music Venue Rexburg Has Ever Known

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Have you heard of The Basement in Rexburg? If you’ve followed Explore Rexburg for a long time you’ve certainly read articles about events they’ve hosted. If you haven’t, then you’ve been missing out! The Basement is a place where local bands can perform and share their talent with the community in a safe environment. It’s considered by many to be one of the greatest music venues Rexburg has ever seen. Unfortunately, The Basement was recently told by the owner of their current venue to leave. Without help, they’re at risk of being shut down forever. Riley Bode, the owner, has a passion for music and knows that the Rexburg music scene must continue and will continue with a little help from the community. 

The Basement Music Venue

Explore Rexburg (ER): Why Is Saving The Basement So Important To You?

Riley Bode (RB): “So the most important thing about saving the basement is Rexburg needs an outlet. There are CRAZY talented people here, all with something to say, and that’s what the Basement was. You come and listen to someone bear their soul to you, and you just fall in love. It is a truly magical place, and it needs to be preserved. I didn’t think it would get the attention it did when it closed, but I get it now. Everyone felt welcomed in there and heard, and like they were a part of a community. I’m not pointing fingers at the building owner, clearly it’s just not his thing and that’s fine. But it is everyone else’s thing, and we need a space for it.”

The Basement Music Venue

GoFundMe – How To Donate To The Cause

GoFundMe is an easy and secure way for community members to donate money to causes that they want to support. A GoFundMe page was recently established by Riley, and Indigo Waves, which immediately gained traction the day it was posted. Anyone passionate about keeping the Rexburg music scene alive can go to this page and donate to the cause. Their GoFundMe page states, “It’s been made clear that Rexburg music needs to keep going. It’s a source of passion and relief for students, bands, and locals. Please consider donating so they can get a new place, some equipment, and keep music alive in Rexburg, Idaho.”

The Basement Music Venue

ER: What Will You Use The GoFundMe Money For?

RB: “The money from the GoFundMe is going to be used for buying equipment, hopefully at a discounted price since so many people have offered deals and donations—I can’t even believe that. And then the rest will be used for a new space, which we think we might have found, but it’s definitely a project. We will need to completely redo the whole space; then build a stage. We’ve been offered a million hands to help and the gratitude I have is overwhelming, and if anyone is considering donating, just know that it will be contributing to keeping passion in Rexburg, to keeping art in Rexburg. This town needs to be open-minded to the arts and I think if anyone comes down here, they will fall in love with something they knew nothing about.”

GoFundMe Quotes From Donors

“I love music and Rexburg needs this.”

Music Venue Playing Guitar

“The basement is my second home. It gave me an outlet and a way to be myself. I love the basement and hope to see its legacy live on.”

The Basement Music Venue

“Go Save The Rexburg Music Scene! This place means so much to me and I’m sure, it means so much to a lot of people. The Basement propagated so much inspiration, it’d be sad to see it go away permanently. Let’s save this place!”

Music Venue Playing Guitar

“Rexburg needs a place for live music and for people to be people and have fun and let go and dance and yell and bounce around.”