Madison Cares offers free classes

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Have you heard of Madison Cares? It’s a program in Rexburg that focuses on developing a mental health care system that works for family members, children, and young adults. According to their website,  4.5 to 6.3 million children and youth in the United States experience a serious mental health condition. These children often do not receive the help they need, leading to further challenges down the road. Madison Cares aims to help out in the lives of families and children who are affected by mental health conditions.

Madison Cares thrives on the support and efforts of the community. They use a system of care approach designed to create community-based services that will change the lives of those who suffer from serious mental health conditions. Their approach connects children and families to several different collaborative serving systems. This includes services like juvenile justice, child welfare, mental health, and education. Their collaboration has both a short and long-term impact on children and families.

Some of the great services offered by Madison Cares are the community classes and trainings. They currently offer two different trainings: Mental Health First Aid and Darkness to Light. These free trainings are especially beneficial to those who interact with children and youth. A variety of other classes are offered through their “Madison Cares Education Series.” Current class topics include building successful marriages, Darkness to Light, and raising capable and confident children. Visit their website to sign-up and learn more about the classes.

Whether you have children or not, these free classes will help improve your understanding of mental health disorders. Additionally, they will strengthen your relationships with students, family members, and children. Support Madison Cares’ vision to “promote a positive culture of change, resilient families, and a united community” by participating in these free educational classes. To find more local events and classes, you can also check out their Facebook page. Now’s the time to become involved with this local and life-changing program!

Learn more about Madison Cares’ observance of the annual “Start With Hello” campaign.