National Stand Up to Cancer Day: Upcoming events

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As you probably know, we are all about national days. Whether they encourage us to eat great food or talk like a pirate, it is a great way to have some fun in life.

It’s not all about the fun and games, however. There are plenty of days where we lovingly stand up for and support victims, or come together to fight a common enemy. Today, the second Friday of September, we celebrate Stand Up to Cancer Day.

How does one celebrate this? What can we as individuals do to stand up to the many types of cancer and their causes?

Here at Explore Rexburg, we aim to focus on the positive here in our community. There is so much good around us. Along with that, there are many upcoming opportunities to support those with cancer, raise awareness, and contribute to preventative research.

September takes cancer seriously

A little-known fact about September is that it celebrates cancer awareness in two forms: childhood cancer, and blood cancer. Together, combining with Stand Up to Cancer Day, this creates a large obligation for all who are able to help out in some capacity. We encourage you to donate to a charity of your choice that is researching how to fight against this.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Although there are many different types of cancers, close on the horizon is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. It’s time to bust out the pink shirts, wristbands, and everything else you can. Small efforts toward awareness keep the issue at the forefront of people’s minds. In October, there are several local events specifically for breast cancer awareness.

Brake for Breakfast

For years now, Madison Memorial Hospital has teamed up with community volunteers hosting a Brake for Breakfast at Teton Radiology. The purpose of this event is to encourage women to conduct regular self-exams and to receive a mammogram yearly after 40.

Without having to leave the car, women can make three different stops in the Teton Radiology parking lot. Here, they will receive a free breakfast, information on breast cancer prevention and early detection, and several small gifts.

This event will be on October 4, again, at Teton Radiology Madison. Stay tuned for more details.

Think Pink Party 2017

On October 13-14, the Pinecrest Event Center will host Think Pink Party 2017. This event will include non-stop speakers from 12pm to 6pm on both days. They will talk about early detection, diagnosis and types, treatment, as well as myths versus facts about breast cancer. Tickets to this event are $3, the proceeds of which will, of course, go to fight breast cancer.

Relay for Life 2018

This year’s Relay for Life was a huge success, and the American Cancer Society already has plans for the Rexburg event in 2018. Even though it’s not until June, it’s never too early to register and start fundraising. Find out how you can contribute to this event by visiting the local chapter’s Facebook page.

Dedicate a luminaria

Also through the American Cancer Society, you can dedicate a luminaria. A luminaria is a paper lantern that is specifically to honor a life touched by cancer. You can dedicate one for someone who has lost their life to cancer, someone currently battling, or someone who has overcome. Donations for a luminaria go to help fight cancer.

Watch for skin cancer

As we start to phase out of summer, now is as good a time as any to watch for skin cancer. At this time of year when we are outside more and perhaps not always being vigilant about applying sunscreen, the risk is increased.

May was Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and the American Academy of Dermatology initiated a “Check Your Partner. Check Yourself.” campaign. Even now, later in the year, taking this action is just as important.


Cancer awareness in Idaho is a big deal. The CDC has recently indicated that breast cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer in Idaho. On top of that, Idaho has the lowest breast cancer screening rate in the US. This is a trend that cannot continue.

On this National Stand Up to Cancer Day, we encourage you to do just that. Take a stand. Consider what you can do to help fight cancers of all types. And also be vigilant to early detection in yours and your loved ones’ lives.

Tomorrow, the national holidays continue. Tomorrow is National Teddy Bear Day. As we continue to enjoy these small celebrations that make life fun and wonderful, keep in mind how you can help.