Explore Rexburg’s Summer Road Trip playlist

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Summer Road trip calls for a good playlist

Let’s face it, we are going to want to escape Rexburg for a bit every once and a while, especially while the weather is good. When the time to take off finally comes, you will need a solid road trip playlist to start things right. We have created a summer road trip playlist to give you all those good vibes.

If you are on Spotify, you just need to follow us! Our username is explore_rexburg and you can follow our complete playlist, On the Road. We put together our top 10 picks from the playlist right here as well to give you a taste.

Top “On the Road” songs

Check out the full playlist at the link above for more great tunes.

Other suggested Explore Rexburg playlists

We also have a growing, curated list for all sorts of moods. If you have any recommendations for new playlists, let us know in the comments! These are all available on Spotify.

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