Reflections on TedxRexburg Winter 2018

2 min


Last weekend, this region of Idaho welcomed back TedxRexburg. Not only were the speakers diverse and motivational, but each guest was treated like royalty. The event wasn’t a mere show, but an experience in which I had the opportunity to take part.

As I entered the Romance Theater on Main Street, the Tedx team welcomed me and handed me my name tag, a TedxRexburg swag bag, and a bag of popcorn to inhale before the event began. People welcomed me the whole way to my seat. I felt like I was the guest speaker! However, after listening to the scheduled guests, I understood why they were asked to speak. They were absolutely incredible!

The first presenter was Paulette Kirkham who shared her thoughts about saying, “Duh, you didn’t know that?” and how it can truly stunt other people from growing and asking questions. The world is full of things to learn, and we shouldn’t judge others about where they are on the knowledge scale in life! After Kirkham was Regan Muir. He gave great insight on “Housing Revolution” and how we can learn to incorporate Co-ops in our community for those who want to afford to live and go to school at the same time.

Following Muir was Matt Pond who blew us away with his adjustments made after brain cancer left him paralyzed on his right side. He inspired each of us in that room to see the good in every situation thrown at us in life.

A great example of that was the next speaker Logan Zuck; a man who developed schizophrenia and multiple other mental diseases when he was only 17. The crowd awarded him a standing ovation. We stood for him because he helped the audience see the good in always being kind not only to those you know and like, but to those that you might not completely understand. Instead of judging, get to know them and it might help you see life through their eyes.

Stephen McNeil followed with an exciting perspective of the solar eclipse from last summer. He invited us to become citizen scientists through internet resources. Then Yarezmi Olvera gave us insight into the life of an immigrant and ways that we can help the nation’s problems with resolutions of empowering and creating the impossible.

The finishing speaker was Justin Osmond, the son of the famous Osmond singers. He who was born 90% deaf. He encouraged all of us to embrace the differences we see in ourselves and make it our strength rather than our weakness.

By the end of the night, I was almost in tears, and I felt empowered to change the world.

Although that could take years, there was one other take away that I think is an easier change that we can all make in ourselves. The thought sprouted from a common theme throughout the speeches.  Even though someone is different, it doesn’t mean they are any less of a person than another. Simply loving everyone rather than judging everyone changes peoples lives.

That was just one of the many thoughts that came from TedxRexburg. There were many more, and you can watch the speakers again soon on the official website. It was an amazing and influential event that touched the audience’s heart and will touch yours too!