The Howls offer incredible dynamic to Rexburg music scene

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Here’s something you should know: Rexburg has a surprisingly energetic music scene. It is active, alive, and well. If you didn’t know that, this is a fantastic week to jump onboard and catch The Howls play at The Burg this Friday.

There has been a lot of music buzz coming from this thriving scene. Local band Carry On, Kid just made the news for signing a record label. They are actually playing a tour kickoff show this Thursday at the Brighton Apartments lounge.

The Howls open for them and will proceed to headline their own show at The Burg the next day with Provo band Cephas.

“The [Rexburg] music scene goes through waves,” Howls bandleader Tanner Waite says. “There will be a bunch of people that are trying really hard, and then they leave, and new people come in. I think we’re at the beginning of a new phase.”

About The Howls

The Howls is a veritable supergroup of the Rexburg music scene. Most of the group members have been or are currently inactive, local bands. The group consists of Spencer Ford (lead vocals), Tanner Waite (guitar and vocals), Stephen Beyer (guitar and vocals), Lyle Faulkner (bass), Bo Brusco (drums), and Dallin Sheldon (trumpet).

“The Howls introduces something new, something that music has progressed to in other places, that isn’t necessarily around here yet,” says Waite. “It’s just super fun, danceable music. It’s fun to play, and I’m sure it’s fun to listen to.”

The Howls
The Howls playing at The Romance Theater. Photo via InnerSightStudio.

This new incarnation for Rexburg has been brewing for some time. They performed at The Romance Theater on March 11. And for fans of the music scene, theirs is a name that is certainly making the rounds.

“We keep wanting to see The Howls,” says BYU-I student and frequent musical performer Connor Spurling. “I’ve listened to their music, and I saw a couple Facebook Live videos from The Burg.”

The band’s repertoire includes “Vanitas,” a horn-infused, indie groove. *Update: The Howls are in the process of working on a new album. Check out live versions of two new songs below.

The Howls Live

Other songs included in the band’s set draw from the Howls’ varied experiences in past and present bands.

“We have this song called ‘Melatonin,’ that’s my personal favorite song to play,” Brusco says. “Spencer wrote it for his band Vanillaroma but we kind of play it in our own sound.”

The Howls have also played the song “Malheur Butte,” an original from Tanner’s solo project, Forest Fires.

“During BurgFest last year I had a Forest Fires band,” Waite says. “And we played [Malheur Butte] a little more rockish, and I liked it better that way.”

This reimagining of old songs and the blend of the musicians’ different styles lend to a musical progressivism that not only makes The Howls incredible but different. Celebrating this difference, and the fun energy of the band is reason enough to come check them out at The Burg this Friday (March 31) at 8 PM.

“I would come listen to The Howls for more variety’s sake in the Rexburg music scene,” Brusco said.

“Just come and have fun,” Waite says. “Let loose for a little bit.”

You can buy or listen to the studio recording of “Vanitas” on BandCamp.

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Updated April 5, 2018.