10 Creative Indoor Date Ideas For The Winter

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Now that winter has hit, going outside for anything doesn’t seem that fun anymore. There’s no way around it — winter has made date planning increasingly harder! If you need some indoor date ideas, this one’s for you. Of course, going to the movies is still an option, but if you’re looking for something more creative and fun, read on!

Build a fort

Blanket fort as an indoor date ideas
Photo by David Sprankle

Grab your extra blankets, pillows, and sheets, and start building! Once your done building your fort pick a movie and watch it inside your fort. I would also recommend getting some snacks for the movie such as popcorn or candy. Try to really make it a fun date night indoors.     

Have a food competition

Cooking competition is one of the great indoor date ideas

There are a few ways to have a successful food competition. One that I recommend, if you don’t want to travel to the grocery store first, is to pick a meal such as dinner or dessert and set a time limit. Start the competition off by saying “you have 1 hour to make a dessert only using what is already in the kitchen”. You can either have another person help taste the final products or both you taste them and decide who is the winner. You could even add different categories that you rank the food with such as taste, presentation, and creativity. Consider watching an episode of a food competition show, like Chopped, to get inspired. 

Game night

Looking for indoor date ideas? How about a game night?

One of the most fun things to do at home is to have a game night! You can make this a group date or play some games with just the two of you. Make some snacks and turn on some music to make the date even better. Struggling to think of some fun games? Here’s a list!

Game ideas:
  • Heads Up!
  • Any and all card games
  • Battleship (for just the two of you)
  • Charades
  • Settlers of Catan

Bowling/Billiards/Ping Pong

Looking for indoor date ideas? We could go bowling!

You will have to drive somewhere for this indoor date (unless of course, you have a Wii!). Rexburg has a couple of places to go bowling. I would suggest Fat Cats because if you get tired of bowling you can play some other games or hit up the arcade. Another great place to go is the BYU-Idaho bowling alley because the games are really cheap which leaves room for more! 

Make a movie, music video, or short film


Who doesn’t want to be a star? Grab your iPhone (or Mac) and start using iMovie. This app makes it so easy to put together either a movie of your own or a trailer. Be creative! You can grab some costumes and props and get rolling. 

Mini Golfing on campus

mini golf on campus is one of the good indoor date ideas

You may be thinking where is there a mini-golf course on campus? Well… there’s not… but there will be once you build one! Start by going to DI and picking up some golf clubs and golf balls. You will also need a plastic cup and tape. Go into different buildings on campus and set up the cup. Choose a starting place and see how the mini-golfing goes. Of course, try not to cause any damage or be too disruptive.

Learn something new on YouTube

Learning something new on YouTube

YouTube really does have EVERYTHING!  So if the weather outside is too cold just grab your computer and look up something that you have always wanted to learn. Some ideas include origami, painting, hairstyles, cooking recipe and anything else you want! 

Food Art

food art

Some of the best indoor date ideas require a little bit of imagination. This is definitely one of those! Grab some food and come up with some art! This could mean funny things or you could try and make the food look super amazing or decorated really well. It’s up to you!

Nerf Gun war


If you have some Nerf guns laying around this would be a blast! Set up some obstacles and make teams if you have a group playing. You could even set up a point system if you wanted where certain areas are worth different point amounts. 

Indoor S’mores

Making s'mores is a fun activity

This idea could also be combined with the fort-making idea above! Grab your s’more sticks and marshmallows and get roasting! Use your oven or stovetop, and be sure to check out some of our suggestions. This is also a great dessert idea to add to any other indoor date ideas.

Indoor dating can really be a lot of fun! Don’t get too discouraged by the weather outside. Instead, get creative and start planning some amazing dates! The dates don’t have to be super fancy or expensive. Also, try planning the date around your date’s hobbies or interests. If you know they really don’t like going bowling try something else! And most importantly, have fun!

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