Who has the best restaurant fries in Rexburg?

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It’s time to talk about restaurant fries! If you missed part one of our fry rankings you need to go read that first. We have split the fries in Rexburg into two groups. Part one is the best fast food fries and now we are ranking restaurant fries in Rexburg for part two.  We had a group of 4 new people to rank these restaurant fries!

Note: These fries were ranked solely on the flavor and not how they taste with sauces like ketchup, fry sauce, nacho cheese, etc. However, we did clarify which fries we were ranking, e.g. the normal cut fries from Gator Jacks as compared to the waffle or sweet potato fries.

Blister's has some of the best restaurant fries in Rexburg.

Fry Ranking

  1. The Burg – Say hello to the best restaurant fries in Rexburg! The Burg’s fries are the perfect medium cut and taste great! Get these as a side to “the best burger in town” or just on their own. You also get a ton.
  2. Blister’s – Do you love fresh fries? At Blister’s, You can literally watch as a potato is turned into fries for you. These are AMAZING. Give them a try! Also, the loaded fries are something else… so good!
  3. Redd’s Grill – If you are looking for some seasoned fries these are definitely ones to give a try.
  4. Broulim’s – Although not your traditional restaurant, their big wedge fries are worth talking about. The best part about these, besides the seasoning, is the crispy outside with so much fluffy potato on the inside.
  5. Fresco Kitchen & Grill – These fries at this new artisan pizza restaurant are super tasty and have a great thickness to them.
  6. The Hickory – If you want some fries to go with your burger or BBQ, I would personally go to The Hickory, now at a new location. They are cooked just right and even taste good on their own.
  7. Gator Jacks (original) – The new Gator Jacks has some good fries! They aren’t amazing but that’s acceptable, seeing as they aren’t well-known for fries. If you want something different, though, they do offer waffle fries and sweet potato fries as well.
  8. Applebee’s –  Although these aren’t unique fries, they are still tasty. And they work well enough for a side to be worth mentioning.
  9. Nielsen’s – Sometimes these come out soggy… which is kind of a bummer. But most other times they are cooked just right.
  10. JB’s – If you want breakfast, be sure to go here! However, the fries are only so-so.
  11. Frontier Pies – Frontier Pies is best known for their pies but they do serve other food. These fries aren’t anything super amazing, but they do come with some meal items which is great!

Fresco Kitchen & Grill has some of the best restaurant fries in Rexburg.

Do you agree with our ranking of the best restaurant fries in Rexburg? If you haven’t tried all these fries before you know what you should do!